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        Come on,
        Come on,

        Big up the cosy and hunker down
        for a season of squish

        Handmade the old-fashioned way

        Every single thing we make is built to last by proper craftsmen. And because everything is made by hand, no two are the same


        Get deep, down and squishy with these laid-back loafing machines

        Nab some free samples

        Choose from over 150 fab fabrics and we'll pop them in the post with a little surprise!

        Seriously good stocking stuffers

        Bang-on presents for Loafers. From cosy throws to perfectly imperfect mugs.
        No wonder they're already at the top of our Christmas lists.

        What if I need to return something?

        Good news, gifters! If you're mulling over a Loafy Christmas present then here's another good reason to nab some goodies now. We've extended returns on our candles, mugs, blankets, lighting, rugs, bed linen and art until the 31st of January.

        Some good news!

        While our Shacks have had to close due to the lockdown currently in place in England, our makers are still safely a-making and our delivery crew is out and about delivering stuff big and small.

        Open again soon (we hope!)

        While our Shacks are closed for the moment, you can still nab some free swatches for home delivery and order any of our lovely stuff online. We'll be back before you know it!

        Like the way we Loaf?

        Click on our hand-picked Instagram snaps below and we'll show you how to surrender to life in the slow lane

        Slow Finance

        We call it Slow Finance because you can pay for your squishy stuff at the speed that suits you. Good news for Loafers who don't like to be rushed

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